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Dixon R. Doll, Jr.: Music


August 5, 1996
Dixon R. Doll Jr

From: In the Dark Album Recorded in 1992 at Different Fur Studios, San Francisco.

Produced by Dixon Doll, Jr; Howard Johnston and Will Ehbrecht.

All Songs written and performed by Dixon R. Doll, Jr.


 Track Listings

1. Back in the Midwest again. (This song was written after flying back on a red eye from California and returning home after a long time away.)

2. Sunday Mornings (This song was written from the perspective of someone away from home for the first time.

3. Fate (This was one of the 1st songs I ever wrote in 1988 after returning to the piano for the first time in many years.)

 4. The Existential Piano Player

 5. In The Dark (Was written late at night overlooking San Francisco)

 6. Graduating

7. Weddings

8. The Empty Church