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Dixon R. Doll, Jr.: News

New Prime Time Television Show Tony Robbins Breakthrough to use Piano Solo Music from Dixon R. Doll, Jr. - May 20, 2010

"Mountain Road" and "The Empty Church" to appear in NationalTelevision Program- Review of Ten Years - November 1, 2006

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Outstanding. That’s the first word that escapes my lips as I listen to “Ten Years”. Dixon R. Doll Jr. plays the piano better than anyone I’ve ever heard before. Yes, even better than an Elton John. His melodies are tight and his playing is just, well, awe-inspiring. As far as instrumentals go, many can drag on and seem to plod about not really doing much. That couldn’t be farther from the truth on “Ten Years”. His dynamic abilities as a songsmith and performer are unmatched. It would be a shame if he goes about not being as heralded, as he most definitely deserves.

- J-Sin

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WFDD 88.5 FM Winston Salem, North Carolina adds Sleigh Ride and Landslide to play lists. - July 18, 2006

WFDD in Wisnton Salem, NC adds Sleigh Ride and Landslide to there play lists.

KCCK FM 88.3 Cedar Rapids, Iowa plays Fog - May 9, 2006

Mark Jayne will play track 8 "Fog" on Night Breeze. Spring 2006

Cedar Rapids, IA KCCK 88.3

WBRH FM 90.3 Baton Rouge, Louisiana adds Stonebreakers and Ten Years To Rotation - May 9, 2006

Baton Rouge, LA FM Station WBRH 90.3 DJ Rob Payer has added Ten Years, and Stonebreakers to Radio Show.

WLRH 89.3 FM Huntsville, Alabama Adds Fog, Grove and Sand Castles to Rotation - May 9, 2006

Huntsville, AL WLRH 89.3 FM DJ Beth Norwood will be playing track 8 "Fog". Added to rotation.

Sand Castles and Grove also added in May.

KAMU 90.9 FM in Bryan Texas Adds Ten Years to Rotation - May 9, 2006

Radio Air Play for Ten Years at Texas A&M University by DJ Rick Howard

Bryan, TX KAMU 90.9 FM - - KAMU, Texas A&M University, College Station, TX 77843-4244

Sand Castles #16 on American Idol Underground Chart 8th week in top 100 - May 9, 2006

This week #16, Last Week #96. Weeks on Chart 8

Music Shopper Forum Review - August 18, 2005

mdweems Mar 1 2005, 02:33 AM Post #1

Dixon R. Doll Jr.
Ten Years

Our Rating: 90 out of 100

When I listened to this CD, I was uptight, under a deadline, and completely stressed out. By the third track, I was calmer than if I had taken a long, hot bath. This CD isn't one to put you to sleep though, don't get me wrong. Dixon's music is far from boring. To those who truly enjoy music of all types, this is one CD that you will fall in love with.

Dixon's fingers must have been made to fly along any piano they caress. Not a one of his songs are generic in any way. Everyone is derived from an event in his life, from sleigh rides with close friends to losing a friend. This is truly music from the heart and soul.

Each track holds something different, either slow or fast, happy or sad, whatever he is trying to convey is done wonderfully. His skills are wonderful, and not once does this CD lag or fall short in any way. In fact, I've already turned some of my friends on to this CD and loaned it out for them to hear.

Tracks on this album include:

1. Sleigh Ride
2. Landslide
3. Stonebreakers
4. Ten Years
5. Cool
6. Balloons
7. Other Side
8. Fog
9. Sand Castles
10. Grove
11. Harbor
12. Valiant
13. Musical Nights

This CD can be sampled at CD Baby

Ten Years Available at Apple I Tunes, MSN Music, Sony Connect, Napster - July 25, 2005

Apple iTunes September 23, 2004
LoudEye September 25, 2004
MusicNet September 25, 2004
DigiPie November 6, 2004
RuleRadio November 20, 2004
Napster December 3, 2004
MP3tunes December 14, 2004
MusicNow January 27, 2005
iSound February 14, 2005
Etherstream April 6, 2005
Emusic April 6, 2005
MusicMatch May 4, 2005
Rhapsody May 31, 2005
Sony Connect June 7, 2005
MSN Music June 7, 2005
NetMusic June 8, 2005
BuyMusic June 21, 2005
Bitmunk June 22, 2005

Ten Years Recieves 10 out of 10 in New Review - January 25, 2005

Musicianship 10 out of 10
Dixon R Doll Jr. is a master of the keyboard specifically the piano. Both simple and complex melodies flow easily from his fingertips with ease and grace.

Songwriting - 10 out of 10

Dixons composing abilities are excellent. With instrumental pieces, a lot of times the music is open to interpretation. Fortunately, Dixon included his inspirations for his songs in the sleeve of Ten Years, so, I could interpret his music as I saw fit, but also know for which each song was intended. I have to say that his musical pieces of art captured his thoughts as well as my own. Perfect.

Sound Quality/Professionalism - 10 out of 10

The sound quality on this disc is exceptional. Just crisp, clear piano.

Packaging - 10 out of 10

Although the packaging is quite simple, I truly enjoyed the sentiments behind the music for each song listed. Very touching dedication as well.

Favorite Tracks
*Stand Out Track: Balloons
Sand Castles

Overall Rating - 10 out of 10

While it seems my review is rather short sometimes you just can not express well enough the thoughts you have of music without just sounding all sticky sweet. Dixon is an excellent musician and songwriter that has the ability to capture special moments, thoughts and emotions in his life in song. It is a talent that I am in awe of (considering words are more my area and I cant seem to ever really find the most adequate words to express anything!). Expression through music is magical to me and then to be able express yourself so well is just miraculous! (See? Sticky sweet!)

Ten Years captures moments as well as special people in Dixons life in a very simple yet elegant way. The title suggests a decade in a life it is not only just moments of his life, but a musical evolution of a decade. Wonderful concept. Would I change anything about this disc? No. Even though it is stripped down simple piano it is beautiful all by itself. Like a single rose.

If you enjoy instrumental piano with great, soft emotion, consider adding Ten Years to your collection and while you are at it, pick up Dixon Dolls Independence Way as well and then sit back and enjoy! See if you wont consider it perfect as well!Jen Lush,, 1/25/05

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