Thank you for visiting my site. I began a journey to write and record my own piano solo compositions while an undergraduate at college in 1987 at Georgetown University. I have written and recorded 3 distinct piano albums over the last 17 years. My compositions are reflective of life's journey and attempt to capture moments in time that were inflection points in my life. If one person likes one song on one album than I feel I have done my job as a composer. I was introduced to Piano music as a standalone product through George Winston's albums and the record label Windham Hill. I attempted to set out on my own path by recording my albums and had the encouragment to follow my dreams by many special people who have entered my life at various stages. The albums are not classical but blend elements of pop and jazz with small amounts of classical music thrown in. The albums were produced by my close friend from college William Ehbrecht who heard me play as an undergraduate and encouraged me through the years. Will is a noted Hollywood producer of TV shows and has the creative talent to help organize and put together my music. The albums were also produced by Howard Johnston who offered many insights into putting together a finished product. Howard has been in the business for a lifetime and has worked with many notable musicians including George Winston. Howard is about excellence for excellence sake and any mistakes or shortcomings are my own. In striving to achieve lofty goals we sometimes may fall short. A late addition to the team and for the 3rd album only was another long time friend Greg Madianos. Greg is a studio musician at night and has played in several bands and recorded professionally. Greg is blessed with a gift for music and is an incredible piano player and bass guitar player. I thanks Greg for his help on the 3rd project. I am fortunate to be able to play music and a special note to all artists your special. Thanks for supporting my music.