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mdweems Mar 1 2005, 02:33 AM Post #1 Dixon R. Doll Jr. Ten Years Our Rating: 90 out of 100 When I listened to this CD, I was uptight, under a deadline, and completely stressed out. By the third track, I was calmer than if I had taken a long, hot bath. This CD isn't one to put you to sleep though, don't get me wrong. Dixon's music is far from boring. To those who truly enjoy music of all types, this is one CD that you will fall in love with. Dixon's fingers must have been made to fly along any piano they caress. Not a one of his songs are generic in any way. Everyone is derived from an event in his life, from sleigh rides with close friends to losing a friend. This is truly music from the heart and soul. Each track holds something different, either slow or fast, happy or sad, whatever he is trying to convey is done wonderfully. His skills are wonderful, and not once does this CD lag or fall short in any way. In fact, I've already turned some of my friends on to this CD and loaned it out for them to hear. Tracks on this album include: 1. Sleigh Ride 2. Landslide 3. Stonebreakers 4. Ten Years 5. Cool 6. Balloons 7. Other Side 8. Fog 9. Sand Castles 10. Grove 11. Harbor 12. Valiant 13. Musical Nights This CD can be sampled at CD Baby

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