1. R. Street

From the recording R. Street

Written about a magical street in the Northwest Corner of Washington DC that is known as Georgetown. The street housed a gang that rented a house together and shared many a laugh on there way in life.


From: Independence Way
Album Produced by Howard Johnston, Will Ehbrecht and Dixon R. Doll, Jr.

Album Recorded at Different Fur Recording Studio in San Francisco, Fall of 1994.

All Songs written and played by Dixon R. Doll, Jr.

Track Listings
1. Winter Night
2. Poet's Cove
3. Rain
4. Independence Way
5. R. Street
6. Georgetown
7. Shadows Past
8. Footprints
9. Mountain Road
10. R Street Reprise

Notes on the Tracks-

Winter Nights was composed over the winter of 1993 while in Michigan.

Poets Cove was inspired by the belief that poetry and music can change the world.

Rain was a song written over the course of 1993 and 1994 and was inspired after too many rainy days in the midwest and the feeling you had especially in the summer time.

Independence Way is really a theme around creating your own way in life and experiencing life first hand through your own lens. It is about the old American ideal of striking out on your own and for those who do that the first time it can be a daunting challenge as well.

R Street was inspired by living with a great group of guys in college at Georgetown University. Thanks to Perry Rogers, Jeff Ball, Wally Thornton, Gun Ruder, John Adair and Will Ehbrecht. You guys were all one of a kind.

Georgetown was inspired to sound like a symphony with lots of instruments.