Song Titles

1. Sleigh Ride
2. Landslide
3. Stonebreakers
4. Ten Years
5. Cool
6. Balloons
7. Other Side
8. Fog
9. Sand Castles
10. Grove
11. Harbor
12. Valiant
13. Musical Nights

Produced by Howard Johnston, William Ehbrecht, Greg Madianos and
Dixon R. Doll, Jr.

Recorded June 2004 at Soundworks Studio in San Francisco

All songs written and played by Dixon R. Doll, Jr.

This Album is dedicated to my mentor and friend Luke Little who passed away in May of 2004 from Brain Cancer. I knew him for 10 years and he forever changed my life. To his wife and son may you find solace in the music. To his friends who knew him well he encouraged you to dream and imagine and ask not why but why not. I will never forget you and you were my inspiration.

Thanks to: Sarah, Tripp, Allyson and Scott. Howard Johnston, William Ehbrecht, Greg Madianos, Luke Little, Kathy Little, John Little, Dixon and Carol Doll, Alex and Heather Doll, Andy and Mary Doll. Tony Espinoza for creating an awesome venue to make a record. For those who have encouraged me to follow my artistic side. There is a special place in the world for poetry and music and if one person likes one song on this album then I believe I have done my job as a composer.

NOTES on the Tracks

Sleigh Ride- This song was written in 2004 after taking a sleigh ride with some of my closest friends in Aspen, Colorado. It was a 30 minute ride through the woods to the Pine Creek Restaurant and was made special by the laughter of close friends. May we all experience a sleigh ride in our lives.

Landslide- This song was written over a 5 year period and was finished in 2004 after the death of my friend. I felt hit by something out of left field and attempted to find reason out of chaos. Cancer kills and reminds those that are living that life is short and we can be hit at any moment.

Stonebreakers- This is the title of a painting that was done several centuries ago in France. It captured the generations by showing a father who was a laborer and had worked his entire life in the fields and his son. The father and son were lifting and cutting huge rocks and it was back breaking work. The son did not look like he had a choice but to accept his fate in life. I was shown this picture in an art class at Georgetown University. Thanks Dr. Elizabeth Prelinger. Painting was used then as photos are today.

Ten Years- This is how long I knew my friend Luke Little. It is a tribute.

Cool- This is a fun and different piece that was written in 2002. Its inspiration was the piano from the movie The Firm.

Balloons- This was written and inspired by the wonderment of a young child who wants to play with balloons. It was written over a 5 year period and finished after a birthday party. May we all be kids for as long as we can.

Other Side- This song was written in 2003 and 2004 and was inspired by my Childs stay in the hospital. It was close but he lived and as a parent may you never have to face the loss of a child. I knew I would see my son again as I know I will see my friend again on the other side.

Fog- This song was written over a decade and was inspired by living in the Bay Area.

Sand Castles- This song was the feeling I had after making sand castles with my son on a beautiful summer day near Lake Michigan. His wonderment and fun was my inspiration.

Grove- Was written in 2000 and finished after going on a weekend camping trip.

Harbor- Was the first song I ever wrote in 1987 and finally put it on an album. It was written in a dorm in the piano hall and began a life long journey to play piano and write songs. The piano room was my harbor. I spent countless hours there and dreamed one day that I could make a record.

Valiant- When one looks at the context of an entire life you hope that one can say it was well lived. When one faces adversity you hope that they respond in a certain way. My friend Luke lived with cancer for 10 months and had a spirit about him to the end that was noble and made me glad to be apart of the human race. This song was started 10 years ago and was finally finished in 2004.

Musical Nights- This was a song written many years ago that is fun to play and conjures up a carefree summer night of relaxing and being able to play music. It is a happy song and a great way to end.